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            Industries with an output value of hundreds of millions take

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              In the early days of the start-up, Qin Haijun encountered the same choice as Wang Duoyu. Since the mobile phone casing produced by Qin Haijun attracted the attention of a business owner, the person in charge hoped to open a factory for Xinhongli Plastic Mould Co., and then handed it over to Qin Haijun. This way of working without paying off profits is indeed much easier than starting a business. However, Qin Haijun proposed that the other party should invest 800,000 yuan to increase the equipment, which was produced and processed by Xin Hongli, which was the first order of the company to be 4 million yuan.
              After that, the company's business became bigger and bigger. In 2012, the output value reached 20 million yuan. By 2013, the output value doubled and the company's business exploded. By 2017, the company has invested another 11 million yuan to acquire another 30% of the shares of a foreign-funded company, achieving an annual export of 80 million yuan and an output value of 340 million yuan.
              On the road of manufacturing and production, Qin Haijun has gone through all the way and step by step. You must know that he can always insist on cultivating the mold industry. Apart from his interest and professionalism, he cannot do without the rapid development of the industry.
              The industry is deeply rooted, and the traditional industry cake is difficult to cut?
              Mold manufacturing products have always been closely related to our lives – the mold is called the “mother of industry”. With data analysis, every time the mold industry increases its output value by 100 million yuan, it can drive the output value of the upstream and downstream industries by nearly 10 billion. 80% of the products in daily life use mass production of molds, and there are about 600,000 companies currently engaged in mold manufacturing in China. In 2017, the sales volume of molds was nearly 200 billion yuan, and the annual sales volume of the mold market was one hundred million yuan.

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