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            How to avoid fatal choices in injection mold processing

            Source:未知dade:2020/09/09 13:13 Browse:

              In the process of injection mold processing, each manufacturer's designers have a variety of processing methods and different design methods. Sometimes, accidentally choosing a wrong injection mold processing process will lead to a fatal blow to the entire mold project. How can injection mold processing avoid fatal choices?
              First of all, we must understand that when analyzing the mold structure, when there is a buckle in the product structure, there are generally two ways, which can be designed as a sloping roof structure or a row position structure. However, as to which plan to adopt, it is necessary to carry out specific analysis based on the appearance or function of the product and the specific nature, and carefully study it.
              According to the experience of Chuangzhi Plastics for many years, how do you avoid the fatal choice of injection mold processing? If the product has appearance requirements, if the product has an outer reverse buckle and needs to be inclined top or row position, then it is better to choose the row position scheme, because the row position is more occupied by the mold position, but the advantage is that there will be no These conditions, such as top-selling products or crushing front molds, are easy to replace and repair even if they are damaged during the production process. If you choose to do the oblique top, you need to bear the risk of crushing the front mold. In case of damage, the repair will become a big project. Even if the injection molding process of the inclined top is planned, it is necessary to choose the case where it is as inward as possible. This can effectively avoid the problem of process selection mistakes.

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